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Civil Society and Democracy


3. Publications


First: UJRC Policy Briefs
This a periodical bulletin that provides in-depth and analytical reading into the current Jordanian policies and legislations:

- Policy brief - 1 : on Societies' Law, roundtable proceedings, 4 pages, April 2008 (Ara).
- Policy brief - 2 : on Public Gathering Law No. 7 of 2004, 4 pages, May 2008 (Ara).
- Policy brief - 3 : on CSOs and Media, 12 pages, December 2008 (Ara/ Eng).
- Policy brief - 5 : on CSOs and Parliament, 12 pages, February 2009 (Ara/ Eng).



Second: Study Days Reports
In August 2006, UJRC embarked the project “Study Days for Leaders and Activists of Jordanian Civil Society”, aiming at building the leadership capacities of Jordanian civil society organisations (CSOs), specifically,
strengthening CSOs’ influence in society, and enhancing their participation in the decision-making process and in formulating national policies. The project was implemented in an interactive and state-of-the-art method to build the leadership capacities in these organisations and develop their skills and experiences. in these workshops the civil society leaders meet with each other, and exchanged knowledge and experience of best practices in their field.

These reports documents the proceedings of these workshops and reached recommendations, that will be a base and reference for CSO leaders and activists in their work.


To view reports:


- During the years 2006-2008


First Study Day Report, collective work, 84 pages, 2007. The report documents the proceedings of the following three workshop:

  • Overviewing survey outcomes of the opinion poll conducted on civil society leaders in Jordan.

  • The National Priorities: the National Agenda 2005-2015 & We Are All Jordan.

  • Civil Society and Mechanisms of Influencing Policy-Making.

Second Study Day Report, collective work, 84 pages, 2007. The report documents the proceedings of the following three workshop:

  • Educating CSOs on organising advocacy campaigns to gain the support of the Parliament; the political parties’ law as a case study.

  • Civil Society and creating Alliances, Networks, Coalitions and Umbrellas.

  • Improving the legislative environment governing CSOs' work; law no. 33 of 1966 and the new CSOs bill.

Third Study Day Report, collective work, 84 pages, 2007. The report documents the proceedings of the following three workshop:

  • Partnership between Civil Society Organisations and the Government.

  • Partnership between Civil Society Organisations and the Private Sector; corporate governance & social responsibility.

  • Credibility of Civil Society in dealing with the public and mainstreaming values of democracy.

Fourth Study Day Report, collective work, 54 pages, 2008. The report documents the proceedings of the following three workshop:

  • The role of civil society in political, economic and social reform.

  • Enhancing the role of CSOs in strengthening political and electoral participation.

  • Strategic thinking and planning.


Fifth Study Day Report, collective work, 56 pages, 2008. The report documents the proceedings of the following three workshop:

  • Financial stability of CSO’s: towards a partnership with the private sector.

  • Writing, managing and monitoring proposals.

  • Good governance in CSOs.


Third : Directories and Books on Civil Society and Democratic Development:
Most of these books are published by the head office, which comprises the UJRC related activities from conferences, seminars, and workshops, as well as the researches and directories prepared by UJRC for publication. Some of these publications are translated into English. Furthermore, a small proportion of these books is originally university dissertations or translated from English. Twenty directories and books were published between 1995 and 2005, of which eleven pertain to civil society, and eight pertain to democratic development. In addition, the Directory of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan is available in English and Arabic. The following presents the Directory of Civil Society Organizations and list of the books published within the civil society and democratic development program.

A. Directories of Civil Society Organizations 2000- 2006

The Directory of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan (English version). prepared by Hani Hourani and others, Hussein Abu Rumman, Translated by: Dr. Khalil Elian, Amani Mohammad, Muna Khleifat, Neveen Al Khateeb, Firas Mahafzah and edited by Hisham Kassim, 568 pages, A4, 2006.

The Directory of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan (Arabic version). Prepared by Hani Hourani and others, Edited by Hussein Abu Rumman, 500 pages, A4, 2006.

This is the second edition Civil Society directory of the first published in 2000 in two versions Arabic and English. This directory encompasses the state of civil society organizations in Jordan and the difficulties they face. This book includes 14 main civil society sectors organizations in Jordan. They are 1) charitable associations, 2) professional associations, 3) cultural associations, 4) youth and sports clubs, 5) human rights and democratic development organizations, 6) political parties, 7) women organizations, 8) labour unions, 9) employer’s organizations, 10) environmental societies, 11) civil protection and healthcare societies, 12) teacher’s club, 13) research centers, 14) and foreign non-governmental organizations that have offices or branches in Jordan. The directory furnishes detailed information on 245 organizations and basic contact information for 1,827 organizations. The directory is a unique reference on civil society organizations in Jordan and is an excellent resource for select organizations.

B. Books on Civil Society 1995- 2005

  1. Management Workbook for Iraqi Civic Sector Organizations , Jana Ledvinova, "People in Need" organization, Sindbad and Xcrossing publishing, English and Arabic, 170 pages, A4, 2005.

  2. Case Studies on the Performance of the Jordanian Civil Society Organizations , (Civil Society and Governance in Jordan/ Part 2), 188 pages, medium, 2004.

  3. Civil Society in Jordan Development and Current Status, (Civil Society and Governance in Jordan/ Part 1), 162 pages, medium, 2004.

  4. Jordanian Professional Associations - Their Fundamental Characteristics and Political Role. Omar Kharyoush Hamayel, 224 pages, medium, 2000.

  5. Professional Associations and Challenges of Democratic Transformation in Jordan . Workshops, 256 pages, medium, 2000.

  6. Professional Associations and the Challenges of Democratic Transformation in Jordan , workshops, Translated by Sadeq Ibrahim Oudeh, and George Musleh. Editor Warwick. M. Knowles, 232 pages, medium, 2000.

  7. The History and Development of the Jordanian Student Movement 1948-1998 in Jordan and Elsewhere , Samer Khraino, 288 pages, medium, 2000.

  8. Jordanian Political Parties . Collective work, 220 pages, medium, 1998.

  9. Islamic Brotherhood in Jordan 1946- 1996 . Ibrahim Gharaibeh, 204 pages, medium, 1997.

  10. Islamic Movements and Organizations in Jordan . Collective Work, Editor Hussein Abu Rumman, 304 pages, medium, 1997.

  11. A Guide to the Political Party. Collective Work, 144 pages, medium, 1995.


C. Books on Democratic Development 1995- 2000

  1. A Decade of Democracy in Jordan (1989-1999). Seminar Proceedings, 350 pages, medium, 2000.

  2. The Statutory Framework for Democracy Building in Jordan . Hani Hourani and others, 372 pages, medium, 2000.

  3. Public Opinion, Polls and Democracy . Irving Cresby. Translated into Arabic by Sadeq Ibrahim Oudeh, 176 pages, medium, 1998.

  4. Democracy and Rule of Law . Seminar proceedings, Edited by Hussein Abu Rumman, 236 pages, medium, 1996.

  5. The National Charter and Democratic Transformation in Jordan. Seminar proceedings, Edited by Hamid Dabbas, 234 pages, medium, 1996.

  6. The Democratic Process in Jordan . . . Whereto? Conference Proceedings, Edited by Hussein Abu Rumman, 356 pages, medium size, 1995.

  7. The Democratic Process in Jordan ... Whereto? Conference Proceedings, Translated by George Musleh, 392 pages, medium, 1996.

  8. Elections Legislation : a Cornerstone for the Democratic System. Seminar Proceedings, 90 pages, A4, 1995.


Fourth : The Civil Society and the Jordanian Political Scene Series 1993 - 1998
The series contains small reports, which cover one issue, published for the first time in 1993 and continued to 1998. Twenty-eight issues were published, covering in particular the Jordanian political parties and the eleventh (1989) and the twelfth (1993) parliamentary elections. This series also presents the most prominent groups of civil society organizations, especially the labor and professional associations, charitable and environmental societies, political parties, women's and cultural institutions. The following presents a list of reports issued within this series:

  1. Civil society and the study of politics in the Middle East , Jillian Schwedler, translated by Sadeq Ibrahim Oudeh, 46 pages, A4, 1998.

  2. Towards an Appropriate Democratic Election Law . Seminar Proceedings, Editor Hussein Abu Rumman, 100 pages, A4, 1998.

  3. The Future of Civil Society in the Middle East (Translated) . August Richard Norton, 32 pages, small, 1996.

  4. The General Union of Labor and Professional Associations , Hani Hourani, 80 pages, small, 1996.

  5. Political and Democratic Islam in Jordan , Zaki Tahla, 32 pages, small, 1996.

  6. Charitable and Voluntary Societies in Jordan , Hussein Abu Rumman, 60 pages, small, 1996.

  7. Civil Society and the Public Sphere (Translated) . Kreigh Calhoun, 28 pages, small, 1996.

  8. The Directory of Jordanian Professional Associations . Hussein Abu Rumman, 84 pages, small, 1995.

  9. Press and Democracy in Jordan . Jameel Al Nimri, 40 pages, small, 1995.

  10. Islamic Political Movements in Jordan . Hamed Dabbas, 70 pages, small, 1995.

  11. The Actual Status of Women's Organizations in Jordan , Dr. Taleb Awad, 36 pages, 1995.

  12. Environmental Organizations and Nature Conservation in Jordan . Dr. Netham Assaf, 68 pages, small, 1995.

  13. The Directory of Jordanian Cultural Institutions . Hussein Da'asa, 48 pages, small, 1995.

  14. The 1993 Jordanian Elections. Digital Analysis Study, Teamwork, 76 pages, small, 1994.

  15. The General Parliamentary Elections in Jordan : Prologue, Results, and Outlook. Teamwork, 92 pages, small, 1994.

  16. A Summary of the 1918-1950 Party-Life Activities in Jordan , Part I. Hani Hourani, 64 pages, small, 1994.

  17. A Post-Election 1993 Seminar . Translated by Mark Power Stephens, 62 pages, small, 1994.

  18. The Islamic Action Front Party . Teamwork, 132 pages, small, 1993.

  19. The Islamic Action Front Party . Teamwork, Translated into English by Sa'eda Al Kilani, 180 pages, small, 1993.

  20. A Brief Presentation of Jordanian Political Parties . Teamwork, 168 pages, small, 1993.

  21. Jordanian Political Parties . Teamwork (translated into English), 104 pages, 1993.

  22. Early Attempts of Labor Unions in East Jordan , 1926-1948. Hani Hourani, 126 pages, small, 1993.

  23. The Future Party . Teamwork, 48 pages, small, 1993.

  24. Jordanian Women and Political Action . Teamwork, 56 pages, small, 1993.

  25. The Jordanian Political Parties Supplementary Book . Hamed Dabbas, 48 pages, small, 1993.

  26. The Chart of the Jordanian Political Party Scene on the Evening of the 1993 Elections. Hani Hourani, 24 pages, small, 1993.

  27. The 1989 Elections - Facts and Figures . Teamwork, 60 pages, small, 1993.

  28. Jordanian National Community Party . Teamwork, 48 pages, small, 1993.


Fourth : The "Civil Society Issues" Magazine
A periodical Magazine concerned of civil society and the Perpetual Democratic Development Transformation and Sustainable Development in Jordan. The first issue was published at the end of 2000. A total number of 24 issues were publicized during the period of 2001-2004, with an average of two issues every two months. By the beginning of the year 2005, The Editors Team did all necessary preparations to issue the magazine in a monthly basis. A total number of 22 issues were published during the years 2005-2008. 

Mission of The Civil Society Issues Magazine:
This Magazine obtains its function from the objective role of UJRC for Research, which was established to enhance the role of civil society and its value and status as an active associate to accomplish continued development, including democratic progress in Jordan and in the Arab region in general. Moreover, for the protection of human rights, the enhancement of debate principles, pluralism and the respect of varying opinions. The series stems from the understanding of the role of civil society as a fundamental associate essential for the contribution toward the comprehensive development in human, economic, social, and cultural dimensions. The magazine performs its role by reflecting on civil society. It is also a bridge between different civil organizations and non-governmental organizations by challenging their issues and problems and introducing their activities, and providing these organizations with material, reports and news useful for their work and programs. The aim of publishing the Civil Society Issues is to accomplish a concrete and useful service for different sectors and categories of Arab and Jordanian civil organizations, to consolidate relations, exchange experiences, and to encourage discussion and general debate concerning issues related to civil society, how to develop them, and to advance the performance of its various organizations.