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Civil Society Issues Magazine

Issued in Arabic, this magazine covers diverse civil society issues, the development of democracy, and sustainable economic development in Jordan. The first edition was published in late 2000. Between 2001 and 2004 a total of 24 issues have been published, which is equivalent to one issue per two months. Since 2005 the editorial board of the magazine has decided to transform the magazine into a monthly publication. The magazine corresponds with the broader objectives of UJRC in fostering economic and democratic development in Jordan. The magazine focuses on the role of civil society organizations and how they can transform and shape economic and democratic development in Jordan. Issues covered within the magazine seek to stimulate political and economic discourse with the goal of advancing the democratic agenda of Jordan. The ultimate goal of the magazine is to provide a venue for civil society organizations to become involved in the transformation of Jordanian society into a sustainable economic and democratic nation.
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The Economic Policy Dialogue Newsletter

Published in both English and Arabic, the “Economic Policy Dialogue” newsletter has been in print since September 2003, on behalf of the Jordanian Forum for Economic Development (JFED). The newsletter is a quarterly publication, which deals with local and global economic topics and presents the Forum’s activities, dialogues and initiatives. From time to time the newsletter is dedicated to certain topics of interest by publishing various articles, studies and research papers written by professionals and specialists in their field. Since late 2005, JFED has been aiming at transforming this periodical into a regular 12-page monthly publication.
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ISLAH Network Newsletter

UJRC publishes this bimonthly publication on behalf of the Secretariat of the Arab Civil Network for Democratic Reform. The newsletter attempts to highlight ISLAH Network activities, documents, and program areas.

Year 2006 – 2007 (Arabic):
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
Year 2006 – 2007 (English):
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UJRC Quarterly Update

A Quarterly Newsletter published by Al Urdun Al Jadid Research Center, highlighting its most recent activities and programs

Environmental Papers Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter was published by the Jordanian Environmental Watch Program at Al Urdun Al Jadid Research Center. The newsletter primarily covers environmental and sustainable development issues. The issue was published in October 2000 and each issue covered a single topic. In 2003 and 2004 the newsletter also began to cover the activities and accomplishment of the Jordanian Environmental Watch. As of December 2004 there have been 24 issues published. Some of the topics covered by those issues are:

  • Development and the Environment: The Impact of Globalization and Free Trade on the Environment in Jordan.

  • Israeli Hazardous Wastes Enter the Jordanian Territories.

  • The Nuclear Accelerator for the Synchrotron Lab: A Science Facility presented to Jordan by UNESCO.

  • The Environmental Portfolio of the Jordan-USA Free Trade Agreement.

  • The Future of Climatic Change and the Scientific, Political and Economic Implications of USA’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol.

  • The International Environmental Policy from Stockholm 1972 to Rio 1992, and Agenda 21.

  • Jordan and the Arab World in the Environmental Sustainability index, 2001.

  • Towards a Theoretical Framework between Politics and the Environment in Jordan.

  • From Seattle to Doha: The Environmental Portfolio of the WTO.

  • The expected Environmental Impacts of Establishing Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.

The last four editions of the Environmental Papers are available electronically. To view those issues: